Greater YellowLegs: ( definition) (Tringa melanoleuca) is a large North American shorebird. Adults have long yellow legs and a long, thin, dark bill which has a slight upward curve and is longer than the head. The body is grey-brown on top and white underneath; the neck and breast are streaked with dark brown. These birds forage in shallow water, sometimes using their bills to stir up the water. They mainly eat insects and small fish.

Yellowlegs and leach - A slippery customer
Yellowlegs and leach.
Yellowlegs tackling a water snail for breakfast - "Escargot"
Yellowlegs tackling a water snail for breakfast.
Yellowlegs dueling - Battle royal
Yellowlegs dueling
Yellowlegs on thin ice
Yellowlegs on ice
Fighting Greater Yellowlegs
Fighting Greater Yellowlegs, photographed in Keswick, Ontario
Greater Yellowlegs - reflection
Greater Yellowlegs – reflection


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