Yellow Warblers


Yellow Warbler with white spider.

Yellow Warbler with white spider,

Yellow Warbler: (Setophaga petechia, formerly Dendroica petechia) is a New World warbler species. Sensu lato, they make up the most widespread species in the diverse Setophaga genus, breeding in almost the whole of North America and down to northern South America. These birds feed mainly on arthropods, in particular insects. They acquire prey by gleaning in shrubs and on tree branches, and by hawking prey that tries to fly away. (

Warbler and the spider

Female Yellow Warbler captures a white spider.


Female Yellow Warbler.

Female yellow Warbler full portrait.


Looking for Love.

Yellow Warbler looking for a mate.

Hanging out.

Yellow Warbler on reed.

Singing solo.

Yellow Warbler singing for a mate

Yellow Warbler - singing

Warbler – singing

Yellow Warbler -side-view

Yellow Warbler -side-view


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