Common Yellow Throat


"belting it out"
“belting it out”
"from the vine"
“from the vine”

Common Yellow Throat:  (Geothlypis trichas) is a New World warbler. They are abundant breeders in North America, ranging from southern Canada to central Mexico. Common Yellowthroats are small songbirds that have olive backs, wings and tails, yellow throats and chests, and white bellies. Adult males have black face masks which stretch from the sides of the neck across the eyes and forehead, which are bordered above with white or gray. Females are similar in appearance, but have paler underparts and lack the black mask. Immature birds are similar in appearance to the adult female. First-year males have a faint black mask which darkens completely by spring. (

Hide and seek.
Common Yellow Throat Warbler breaks cover.
The Warbler and the snail.
Common Yellow Throat Warbler meets snail.
Top of the world.
Common Yellow Throat Warbler singing from a tall perch.
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