Woolagon 2

"keeping an eye...'

‘keeping an eye…”

"Spinner ,portrait of an Australian Sheppard" b&w

“Spinner ,portrait of an Australian Sheppard” b&w


"Spinner ,portrait of an Australian Sheppard"

” Spinner ,portrait of an Australian Sheppard “


"eyes on "

“eyes on”


"eyes on"b&w

” eyes on” b&w





Judy"black and white'

Judy” black and white”


'Gem in hot pursuit"

“Gem in hot pursuit”


"Charm in charge"

‘Charm in charge”


"like the wind"

“like the wind”


"Sky moving them along"

“Sky moving them along”


Hitch 2

Hitch 2

"Spinner close up"2

“Spinner close up ” 2




"Serena taking charge"

‘Serena taking charge”






"Hitch head on"

“Hitch head on”




"on the turn"

“on the turn”

"dont look back"

“don’t look back”

Portrait of a Belgian Sheppard

Portrait of a Belgian Sheppard


'Gem" 2

‘Gem ” 2









"not so fast"

“not so fast”

"the out edge"

‘the outer edge”


"Sky rounding them up"

“Sky rounding them up”


'spinner patroling the line"

“spinner patrolling the line”

'close up"

“close up”

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