Cardigan Corgi Club of Canada

"the two step"
‘the two step”
"Pixie" b&w
“Pixie” b&w




"the look"
“the look”


"the casual approach"
“the casual approach”
"putting the pressure on"
“putting the pressure on”


"the look"
“the look”


"ready to go"
“ready to go”
"looking good"
“looking good”


"going to be like this is it"
“going to be like this is it”


"who are you"
” I am as big as you”


"straight in"
“straight in”
"closing the gap"
“closing the gap”


"Meg coming in from the flank"
“Meg coming in from the flank”
"all Meg"
“all Meg”

"you looking at me "
“you looking at me”



"you think so ah"
“you think so ah “
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