Featured in The Highlander News

How exciting to come across and see The Highlander News, featuring one of Nick Shearman’s photos of Karen Koehler skijoring (cross-country skiing whiler her dogs pulled her) during the Haliburton Sled Dog Derby. “Koehler’s dogs, Oodle and Bundle, are German short-haired pointers that come from Norway, where some think the sport of skijoring, or “ski driving”, originates.” – Sue Tiffin, Staff Writer.

my photo being featured in The Highlander News

Photo submitted by Nick Shearman
Karen Koehler has her eyes on the 2015 Skijoring World Championships in Germany.

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A Time Gone By…

Photo of BarnsThese photos were taken near the end of January 2013, on the Queensville side road in Holland landing

I had my eye on this ruined shack for several years believing it could make a great subject to photograph, I had just installed Nik HDR software in my computer and had no idea how to make the most of it. At a very recent meeting of the Newmarket camera club there was a short instruction given on HDR techniques and I put this to use experimenting with different filters in the software using my images of this ruined shack.

I think the image is unique in the fact that the shack is broken down with the centre of the roof collapsed inward giving the image two points of focus, the curve leading you from one to the other,the one end is overgrown with vegetation and the left point has a dusting of snow on the remaining slates on the roof. The extensive amount of growth around the back and ends of the shack gives the sense of a dying human presence and a creeping sensation that nature is gaining control again. I think that this was an awesome subject to experiment with HDR and I am excited to scout for more subjects that could lend itself to this style of photography.

This image was taken with a Canon 7D, a 24-70mm f2.8 Canon lens, shutter for correct exposure was 1/20, f14, in evaultive metering mode, the low and high exposures were set at at 2 stops low and 2 stops high.

I used Nik software HDR Efex Pro to develop the special effects, Define noise reduction and lightroom 4.

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